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The Masters of Rye Circle

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

The Sazerac, the Vieux Carré, the Manhattan, the Brooklyn, the Old Fashioned, and the list goes on... These iconic whiskey-based cocktails were made between the 1860s and Prohibition, a period also known as The Golden Age of Cocktails, and they all have rye whiskey as the main ingredient.

During this time, when the demand for rye whiskey was higher than ever for classic cocktails, rye whiskey accounted for 96% of all spirits consumed in the U.S. Ross & Squibb Distillery alone would store 60,000 barrels of spirit at once, making it among the largest producers of rye whiskey since 1902, from distilling their first drop as early as 1847.

That's how Lawrenceburg became the world's capital of rye whiskey.

What is the Masters of Rye Circle?

The Masters of Rye are the top distillers of rye whiskey at the Ross & Squibb Distillery in Indiana, responsible for the greatest production of rye whiskey in the world, headed by Master Distiller Ian Stirsman.

Now, their official rye whiskey, Rossville Union, is launching in the U.K. to celebrate the return of the Golden Age of Cocktails.

Before Rossville Union Rye Whiskey even hits the wider trade, we have teamed up with an elite circle of London's best cocktail bars:

Each bar has created a menu of signature serves available only throughout March, so make sure not to miss out! Take a picture of your favorite cocktail in any of these bars and tag us on Instagram @rossvilleunion and @barrel_strength, #mastersofryecircle for a chance to WIN A PRIVATE WHISKEY MASTERCLASS for yourself and three whiskey-loving friends at the Soho Whiskey Club.

Read on to find out about the masterclass, whiskey tasting, and party with Ian Stirsman, the Master of Rye himself...


Want more?

How about live music, southern-style finger food, and a whiskey tasting with Ian Stirsman, master distiller of the Rossville Union?


Rossville Union Straight Rye

There is a good chance that the recipe for this rye contains one of your favorite whiskeys.

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