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Rossville Union Straight Rye

Updated: Mar 11, 2023

Why choose one?

Those who joined me in the MGP blending session at Black Rock as part of the London Bourbon Experience were lucky enough to try the samples that made Ross and Squibb Distillery the leading producer of rye whiskey in the world.

Imagine having access to the biggest rye whiskey inventory in the world. Why would you limit yourself to just one recipe?

Rossville Union Straight Rye is known for its "three-dimensional" flavor, and that's because the whiskey itself is a combination of three different mash bills:

The first mash bill recipe is a rye whiskey that is heavy on barley, giving a complex, sweet and spicy finish.

Straight Rye N1

The second is mainly rye. Caramel and vanilla notes come forward, with secondary spice and slight smoke.

Straight Rye N2

The third is rich in corn, with high notes of caramel, vanilla, and fruit associated with bourbon.

Straight Rye N3


Do these recipes look familiar to you?

That's because your favorite rye might have been sourced from Ross and Squibb Distillery.

Almost all straight rye whiskeys on the market are made from these three mash bill recipes, leading Lawrenceburg to become the world's top rye whiskey producer for over 200 years, just like Kentucky is for bourbon.

Kentucky bourbon is famous worldwide for using limestone water. As it flows slowly through the sedimentary rock, the water changes in two ways. First, the rock infuses the water with important minerals that yeast consumes while fermenting. Second, the water is cleaned by the removal of iron and other impurities, which are problematic for fermentation and refinement. It is speculated that any iron in the new make spirit reacts with the wood of the barrel, turning the whiskey black and causing an acrid, pungent smell, and metallic taste.

Limestone water is not only sourced in Kentucky. Ross and Squibb Distillery benefits from sitting atop the Great Miami Aquifer, another source of limestone-filtered water in Lawrenceburg.

In addition, Ross and Squibb Distillery has the prime trading location on the Ohio River, where barrels were shipped all across the country by boat. Not a small thing, considering the amount of water used in whiskey production.


Let's talk about the man himself.

As of January 2022, Ian Stirsmam was named master distiller for all Ross & Squibb Distillery's brands, including George Remus Bourbon and Rossville Union Rye Whiskey. Stirsman leads the product development process for innovation and limited releases, hosts customers for barrel picks and distillery visits, and builds brand awareness for the distillery.

He's a busy man!

Stirsman has worked in MGP's distilling operations since 2014 and earned his Master Distiller certification in 2019. His work experience includes shift management and process engineering at PH Glatfelter Co. He graduated from Ohio University with a chemical engineering and biology degree in 2010.

Aside from being incredibly skilled and smart, Stirman's humility and kindness make him one of the most inspiring people I know, having met him personally at the Ross and Squibb Distillery and shadowing his work for a day. I saw every part of one of the world's biggest American whiskey production centres. Honestly, it was overwhelming. Stirsman knew I was there for his advice on American whiskey for my book, and h willingly answered all my questions and with more details than I expected. I'm deeply grateful.


Would you like to meet the Master of Rye himself?

On March 23, Ian Stirsman will launch Rossville Union Rye Whiskey in London.

Save the date and RSVP below!

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