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Celebrate All May Long with El Mayor Cocktails!

To celebrate our arrival in the UK market and showcase El Mayor's versatility, we're partnering with three of London's most renowned tequila venues throughout the entire month of May! 

A true agave cocktail institution! Winner of UK Specialist Bar of the Year 2022 & 2023, they boast an ever-changing list of over 25 agave spirits and their legendary Mirror Margarita, voted Time Out's 7th Best Cocktail in the World. They also recently awarded World's Best Paloma!

This contemporary Mexican restaurant, co-founded by Chef Yahir Gonzalez (a native of Mexico himself) and hospitality veteran Tony Geary, combines authentic cuisine with a vibrant atmosphere. Their menu features vibrant, authentic dishes made with fresh, seasonal ingredients, with a focus on showcasing lesser-known Mexican ingredients. 

Known for their innovative cocktails and dedication to all things agave, Naked and Famous is putting their unique spin on El Mayor. Their spirit-focused menu offers a wide selection, with close to 40 different expressions of tequila and mezcal available.

We're thrilled to announce our official launch in the UK market, bringing the smooth taste of El Mayor tequila and the Gonzales family's remarkable story straight to your glass.


A Legacy Rooted in Sustainability

El Mayor isn't just any tequila. It's a journey into the heart of Jalisco, where the Gonzales family has been crafting exceptional tequilas for generations. But their dedication goes beyond the final product. Sustainability is in every step of El Mayor, from the agave fields to the distillation process.

Agave Reforestation: The Gonzales family prioritizes reforestation, planting oak and pine trees to create a healthy ecosystem for the surrounding wildlife and future generation.

Yeast propagation: Apart from passing down the family yeast for five generations, The Gonzales harvests wild yeast strains from the finest agave, ensuring a tequila that bursts with fresh agave flavor from start to finish.

Volcanic soil: Nature provides the foundation for El Mayor's unique taste. The agave grows in volcanic soil rich in minerals, giving it a distinctive character. The Gonzales family works to preserve this natural asset by educating and empowering local farmers in sustainable soil management practices.

Sustainable Agave Care: Respect for the environment is paramount at the Destiladora Gonzales Lux (DGL). Jorge, the Gonzales family's field manager, prioritizes natural pest control methods like grapefruit seeds and garlic, ensuring healthy plants with minimal environmental impact.

Fair Trade & Community Focus: El Mayor recognizes that quality goes hand-in-hand with fair treatment. They pay El Jimadores, the skilled agave harvesters, a premium wage for challenging terrain work such as the rocky soils, ensuring quality and ethical sourcing.

Hand-Cut Tradition: Technology shortcuts are bypassed at DGL. They hand-cut their agave, preserving quality and creating job opportunities within their community.

Sustainability Meets Tradition

From the slow, 24-hour agave cooking process to the repurposing of steam for gentler agave fiber treatment, every step in El Mayor's production is designed to maximize flavor and minimize environmental impact. Finally, distillation occurs at a low temperature in a traditional pot still, ensuring the delicate agave notes are preserved.

Meeting the Gonzales family wasn't just about tequila, it was a revelation. They've created a legacy rich in sustainability, community, and craftsmanship.


Win a Bottle of El Mayor!

Want to win a bottle of El Mayor and show off your photography skills? Here's your chance!

  1. Visit one of our participating bars (Hacha Agaveria, Zapote Restaurant, or Naked and Famous) and order an El Mayor signature serve.

  2. Capture the photo of your delicious tequila creation! Bonus points for creativity! Think about lighting, composition, and how you can visually represent the Mexican heritage of El Mayor.

  3. Post the photo on Instagram and tag @elmayortequila, @barrel_strength, and the venue you visited. Use the hashtag #ElMayoruk in your caption.

The three most eye-catching photos will each win a bottle of El Mayor Tequila!

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