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An agave field of sustainability.

My visit to the Gonzales Family was not just a tour; it was a journey into sustainable living and genuine craftsmanship.

Let me share the remarkable story of the Gonzales family, who embraced the future of tequila production while preserving the environment.

In an industry where market demand and climate change impact agave cultivation, the rising costs of agave pose a crisis for both small businesses and the broader market. This is where we see the Gonzales family's first commitment, sustainability. Instead of optimizing their field for agave cultivation, they have chosen reforestation, planting oak and pine trees to preserve biodiversity in the region.

Meeting the Gonzales family, it's impossible to ignore their dedication to authenticity. 

The journey starts with yeast. Steering clear of commercially available distiller yeast, they harvest yeast from the finest agave, cultivating their own strains. This intricate process ensures that the tequila, from fermentation to the final pour, maintains the fresh vegetable notes of the agave.

Under the roots of their agave plants lies another family secret. A gift from ancient volcanic eruptions, a soil rich in potassium, phosphorus, and other minerals, that gives this agave its distinctive flavor.

To maintain their natural assets, the Gonzales family trains local farmers and provides them with technological kits that enable them to understand and improve soil quality, pH levels, and nutrient richness. In addition to sustainable agave cultivation, it's a community-driven initiative that provides jobs and opportunities for everyone in this industry.

Jorge, the field manager of the Gonzales family, prioritizes sustainable agave care. Using grapefruit seeds and garlic for pest control, he ensures plant health with minimal environmental impact. Despite the higher cost compared to conventional pesticides, Rodolfo Gonzales values these alternatives, knowing they make a difference to both land health and the exceptional quality of their tequila.

Rodolfo Gonzales' favorite agaves are from rocky soils. In recognition of their efforts, the El Jimadores receive high salaries for harvesting agave from such challenging locations. This practice ensures quality agave and underscores a commitment to fair treatment of workers.

Once the agave arrives at the distillery, the Gonzales family opts to hand-cut the agaves instead of using industrial methods. This preserves quality but also creates job opportunities for the local community. The family even donated a portion of their land to the local church in Guadalajara.

Sustainability marries tradition throughout the entire production process.

The agave cooks slowly, for 24 hours. The steam from the cookers is then repurposed for juice extraction ensuring gentle treatment of agave fibres and preventing bitterness.

Finally, distilled at a low temperature in a traditional pot still, every effort is made to retain the maximum flavour from this incredible plant.

Meeting the Gonzales family wasn't just an exploration of tequila; it was an immersion into a legacy of sustainability, community, and craftsmanship. Their dedication to tradition, from the agave fields to the distillery, is a story I will never forget.

Here's to the Gonzales family and the lasting impression they've left on this humble tequila enthusiast.

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