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London Bourbon Experience

Bringing back the highly anticipated London Bourbon Experience for its third consecutive year, you will be able to immerse yourself in the captivating world of American whiskey. On September 7th, we will begin an unforgettable journey through London's cocktail scene. Mark your calendars now! The London Bourbon Experience is tailored specifically for those seeking an unforgettable adventure that tickles their taste buds and shows them the best cocktail bars in the city.

Reasons to participate

The thrill of winning prizes

A special passport will be provided by each participating venue as part of the London Bourbon Experience. Each time you savour a Rebel cocktail, you'll receive a stamp in your passport. When you collect six stamps, you'll win exciting prizes!

Take a Delightful Signature Cocktail Tour

During the experience, participating cocktail bars reveal not just one, but a trio of delicious signature bourbon-based drinks. Get a taste of your new favourite cocktail!

Experience Exclusive Discounts

Passport stamps offer 20% off Rebel Bourbon at Tomoka, Secret, and The Vintage House. It's the perfect way to keep the magic alive long after the event ends. Take a piece of the London Bourbon Experience home with you.

Take part in free events and masterclasses

Join the participating bars for a series of complimentary events, masterclasses, and whiskey tastings. Learn from industry experts while celebrating the rich Bourbon culture.

Forge lasting connections

Everyone is welcome at the London Bourbon Experience, from beginners to seasoned bourbon enthusiasts. It's not just an event; it's a sequence of experiences that will create lifelong memories and foster new, kindred friendships. As one of those new friends, I will be honored to share everything I learn in Kentucky with my experiences at the Limestone Branch Distillery, The Lux Row Distillery, and The Ross and Squibb Distillery in Indiana AKA MGP. It will be my pleasure to share everything I know about bourbon's craftsmanship, the narratives behind iconic brands, and the art of crafting bourbon-based cocktails.

Start your journey on September 8th at Cocktails in the City, where you'll find the London Bourbon Experience stand. A medley of 12 extraordinary cocktails awaits, along with whiskey tastings, prizes, and masterclasses - all in one immersive location.

Your whiskey journey begins here.

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