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As he examines the whiskey's color through the Glencairn Glass, Michele Reina leaves his book open on the table.

Michele Reina is a well-known and respected figure in the bar and hospitality industry. As well as being available for bar consulting, menu development, competition judging, and staff training in all spirit categories, Michele enthusiastically represents the Luxco and MGP portfolios internationally, including two distilleries in Kentucky, one in Indiana, an Irish production site, and additional gin, vodka, and tequila distilleries. One of Michele’s more recent activations is the London Bourbon Experience, a self-guided cocktail tour of London’s best bars, which he founded in 2021. 


Michele relocated to London over a decade ago, a move inspired by the wish to be part of the bartending capital. Not afraid to restart as a barback, Michele soon became the general manager of a popular cocktail bar in East London, followed by managing and opening several more venues around the city. His passion for cocktails has enabled him to compete in and win tough competitions, receive different awards, and visit distilleries all over the world.  


During his career, Michele gained extensive knowledge of the history and chemistry of spirits production, all self-taught through research, patience, and by making more than a few mistakes! I established his first drinks laboratory in his own kitchen, and as an avid forager, he accumulated rare botanicals he combined expertly to create and produce over 100 experimental cocktail bitters and liqueurs using traditional techniques combined with modern technology. Some examples of customized cocktail ingredients Michele has offered include pear cider vermouth, smoked Amaro, liquid panettone, and the first vermouth without added sugar.

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